Streak-Free Tanning Mitt


Achieve tanning perfection and leave your skin looking golden with the Streak-Free Tanning Mitt by Spacadia.

Crafted by combining a rich velvety surface with a membrane barrier to provide an even streak-free application that keeps your hands clean!


Winning Features:

  • Flexible to get to those hard to reach places, ensuring full and even coverage
  • Durable for a long tanning life
  • Non-absorbent material to limit tanning product wastage so you get the most from your Summer Tan lotion or mousse


Directions For Use:

  • Place your hand inside the tanning mitt and apply the Summer Tan lotion or mousse to the outer velvety surface
  • Use gentle sweeping movements to apply the instant tan to the skin to achieve an even application
  • Repeat until there is even coverage of the lotion or mousse to your skin


Mancine Summer Tan is Australia’s premier retailer of tinted formula tans. Shop the brand here.

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