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Keratherapy KeratinFIXX 20-in-1 Miracle Leave-In

For damaged hair

20-in-1 Miracle Leave-In is a conditioner and treatment that strengthens and deeply nourishes the hair from roots to ends with a blend of natural ingredients, botanicals, keratin, caviar extract and argan oil. 

It provides 20 benefits in 1 easy step: 

  1. Softens
  2. Smoothes  
  3. Restores 
  4. Detangles  
  5. Adds Shine  
  6. Increases body  
  7. Enhances Moisture Balance  
  8. Evens Porosity  
  9. Blocks Humidity  
  10. Eliminates Frizz  
  11. Provides UV protection  
  12. Seals Cuticle  
  13. Improves Manageability  
  14. Extends Color  
  15. Promotes Elasticity  
  16. Prevents Breakage  
  17. Protects From Heat  
  18. Mends Split Ends  
  19. Controls Static  
  20. Rebuilds Damaged Hair

Made in U.S.A.

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