Size: Small Dimensions 70mm x 56mm approx
Sale price$38.95


Formthotics 6mm Heel Raisers 

  • Alter biomechanics and function in the sagittal plane at the rearfoot
  • May be attached under the heel area of Formthotics to elevate the calcaneous
  • May be attached directly into the heel cup of a shoe
  • May alleviate Achilles tendon and triceps surae strain
  • Assists in balancing leg length discrepancy
  • Improves function in a forefoot equinus
  • Hard density Formthotics Formax foam for durability
  • Available in two heights: low (approx 4mm thick), high (approx 6mm thick)  when measured at the centre of the heel raise
  • Self-Adhesive backing


6mm Small Dimensions:           102mm x 56mm approx.
6mm Medium Dimensions:      107mm x 62mm approx.
6mm Large Dimensions:           116mm x 64mm approx.

Manufactured in New Zealand

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