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Barbasol / Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer

Guys want to have a nice clean-shaven body that doesn't make people think they're related to Bigfoot. With the Barbasol Men's Full Body Hair Trimmer, you'll have an ideal tool to make you look and feel your best.

The ceramic blades offer a sharp clean cut to shape everything how you want, while being safe for those sensitive areas. Our adjustable comb can help craft different lengths for the perfect trim.

Fully waterproof, you can use it while you're showering and its easily washable when you need to clean it. A built-in light allows you to catch every space, so you don't miss a thing while trimming. With the included USB cable, you can get up to 90 minutes of quality shaving time. Weve also included oil and a small brush to assist you further. Get the best shave everywhere with the Mens Full Body Hair Trimmer.

  • The Sharpest/Safest Cut Anywhere On Your Body: Our ceramic blades allow for you to make sharp cuts to any hair on your body, while keeping your safety in mind. Perfect for sensitive areas or if you want to manscape.
  • Adjustable Comb Provides For Different Trims: The comb allows for you to make different trims on your body that work with your shaving for the ideal look.
  • Waterproof For Shower Use and Easy Cleaning: Use our trimmer in the shower and its great for when you need to clean your blades after heavy shaves.
  • Built-In Light For Hard-To-See Spots: Use the shavers light to illuminate difficult areas and remove those unsightly hairs that can often go unnoticed.
  • 90 Minutes Of Quality Shaving Time: The included USB cable allows you to charge your trimmer and provide 90 minutes of shaving time. We also include oil and a small brush to help you with all your needs.

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