Enovia Moisturising Foot Therapy Cream (120ml)

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This essential care for dry, rough or cracked feet restores mechanical properties of severely dry skin. Enovia Moisturising Foot Therapy Cream is a product with unique moisturizing and nourishing effects. It contains 19 ingredients that work in synergy to moisturize, nourish and break down hardened, callused skin and help with the repair of cracks. The cream can also be applied to dry elbows, fingertips and knees with great results. It is suitable for those with diabetes and the elderly due to decreased circulation to the lower limbs and the ability to hold moisture. Regular application of Enovia Moisturising Foot Therapy Cream will keep skin soft, healthy-looking and well nourished. Emollients provide continuous hydration and form a barrier against environmental irritants, humectants preserve the moisture in the outer layer of the skin and improve skin elasticity, plant oils, waxes and vitamins provide nourishment and replace natural skin's fatty substances, alginates soften the skin and maintain normal skin renewal and absorption enhancers promote deep penetration of vital ingredients into the skin.

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